Without a doubt, Los Angeles has a great deal to offer the casual tourist. From Hollywood Boulevard to the Santa Monica Pier, you could easily spend an entire week, much less a month, working your way across the length and breadth of the city. But, what might not be apparent to the casual tourist is working you way down to the beaches and beyond.

Of course, the beaches are iconic — they are home to the Southern California surf scene, after all — but there are adventures to be had beyond the hot sand. No, I’m not referring to the surfing, I’m referring to a day out at sea. I’m referring to luxury yacht rentals. Consider the fact that for the price of a cruise down to Catalina, you could easily take in the entirety of Los Angeles harbor and anchor in the Bay for a day. Furthermore, if you opt for a catered cruise, you could bring a few dozen of your closest friends for a day sunning on deck and sipping champagne.

A yacht rental offers a new kind of way of enjoying LA, a way few visitors — or locals for that matter — ever consider. The purpose of a cruise is first and foremost: relaxation. The key is doing it in style. Between catered meals and fine wines and spirits, you could easily pull off a day at sea so unique, it’ll be a memory you can savor for years to come. The best way to facilitate this is a yacht company that can offer a sliding scale of services — from catering to accommodating large groups of people, the one you should go with is the one that can satisfy all of your relaxation needs.

Before you set sail, be sure you take a few precautions. If you’re prone to motion sickness — plan ahead. Although spending time on a yacht is considerably different than hanging out on a dinghy, over a long enough time line, you will begin to feel the motion of the ocean, so to speak. By the time you feel nauseous, it might be too late — and the fact is, if you’re out at sea, there won’t be anyplace you can run to except the rail. Some anti-motion sickness tablets or sailor’s pulse bands will help you and your guests immensely. Even at sea, the old adage comes to mind: an ounce of prevention will be worth a pound of cure. Puerto Aventuras Yachts

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