A live cam is a streaming video camera that offers a real-time view of an area. From public spaces such as city streets and parks to private homes and businesses, live cameras are bringing us new and interesting windows into the world around us. Whether it’s watching lions grazing in the African wild or a train cruising through a picturesque port, there are countless fascinating webcams to enjoy.

The most popular live streaming cameras are equipped with high-definition resolution and a plethora of other features to make streaming even better. They usually offer a wide-angle lens that captures an expansive scene and a high frame rate that can be used to smooth out video footage. If you’re looking for a camera that can be used to record professional-grade content, consider choosing one with a built-in noise reduction microphone.

Streaming from a smartphone can be very easy and cheap, but the quality of the video is often quite low. This is why many beginners opt for a separate webcam that can be connected to their TV via an app such as AirBeamTV. This app is free to download and works with any smart device, including Android TVs.

Watching a video is great, but watching a live stream on a big screen is an even better experience. To do this, simply open a browser on your computer and find the live stream you want to watch. Then, click the share button and select your Roku from the list of available devices.

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