A link shortener is a tool that reduces the length of a web link to make it easier to share, manage, and track. There are many different tools available, so how you choose the right one for your needs depends on your priorities and goals.

Long URLs can be difficult to remember or type, especially if you’re sharing them on social media or text messaging platforms with limited characters. Using a link shortener allows you to create a shorter, more easily-typed URL that looks better and fits more neatly in limited space. Some also provide detailed analytics and tracking capabilities, allowing you to see how many clicks your link receives, where they came from, and other useful information.

Some of the most popular link shortener services are free to use, like TinyURL. Others offer more advanced features and pricing plans, such as Bitly and Rebrandly. Rebrandly offers three plans, including a free tier that provides branded links and basic click-counting metrics, as well as paid tiers for larger businesses that need more tracked clicks, custom domain names, or link management capabilities.

To get started, simply paste the link you want to shorten into the field provided on the website and click the “Make Short Link!” button. Once the short URL is generated, copy and paste it wherever you need it – on social media, in text messages, or even on printed marketing materials like flyers or posters. Some shortener services also allow you to generate QR codes, which can be helpful for navigating links on mobile devices. link shortener

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