Fire Fighting water gun is a special type of high-pressure fire water nozzle. It has an adjustable flow and constant pressure system to help firefighters quickly & efficiently extinguish the fire. It also helps prevent the toxic smoke environment and deadly backdrafts that can impede their ability to reach the fire. It is ideal for protecting the high risk material handling & storage areas.

Firefighters typically use a deluge gun mounted on top of their fire truck. This allows them to operate it with one person rather than requiring several people to work the pump and aim the stream of water. These fire trucks have a hand switch that lets you conveniently change the settings of the sprayer, and the hoses are firmly attached to the gun for maximum stability and control.

The water cannons used by fire departments in the past resembled the basic models you’ll find at most toy stores. They used to have a single reservoir with a tube connecting it to the trigger, which pulled water into the barrel when you fired it. Eventually, the technology evolved into the kinetic water guns you see in action today. They’re based on a pumping system, which uses a kinetic water wheel or piston to move the liquid in a circle.

A modern water cannon is often combined with a thermal fire detection system. The sensor scans an area for infrared radiation that it then converts to a temperature reading. If the temperature hits a preset threshold, the fire alarm activates and signals are sent to the firefighting station. The deluge water gun then turns and focuses on the risk area identified by the detector.

In addition to its advanced features, a firefighting water gun has an ergonomic design that’s comfortable for the user and offers a long range. Its high-powered nozzle can shoot water over 40 feet and has a generous reservoir. A rechargeable battery allows you to use the gun for up to two hours on a single charge, and the water can be reused as needed.

This fireman-themed water gun is perfect for kids ages 3 and up. It can shoot water over 40 feet, and its easy-to-use pumping mechanism means you don’t need to continuously refill it during a water fight. Its nontoxic, durable plastic material is environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

Unlike fire sprinkler systems and monitors, which discharge suppressants from an entire network of pipes, these water cannons are fixed in position and have a single nozzle that directly targets the risk area. Also known as ‘firewater cannons,’ they work at much higher pressure than their sprinkler counterparts to help the firefighter pierce a thermal layer and extinguish the flames beneath. They can also be used in fixed fire protection systems to protect facilities with high risks, such as aircraft hangars or helicopter landing pads. They’re also sometimes installed at industrial sites for permanent fire protection. The nozzles are also designed to be angled and adjusted for the desired target area.

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