If your conservatory has become too hot in summer, too cold in winter or simply looks tired, a new roof could transform it into a room that’s used all year round. It can add value to your property too, according to On The Market and create a more impressive living space for guests.

The most common type of conservatory roof replacement is a solid tiled roof that replaces polycarbonate or glass. The roof can be designed to look like a traditional conservatory or with a more modern flat finish that blends into the house. It also allows for natural light to flow through, making it a brighter room that can be used all year round.

It’s important to note that a solid conservatory roof will require additional insulation and the existing windows can be asked to support a heavier weight than polycarbonate sheets. However, if the original conservatory is built on a solid foundation then this shouldn’t be an issue. Most national roof conversion companies have partnered with building control bodies to ensure they have a nationally-approved design that can be installed with peace of mind.

Glass roofs can be tinted to help regulate glare and solar heat whilst still providing an abundance of natural light. This can also help with thermal regulation in colder seasons, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. Glass is a versatile option that can be moulded to any shape or size of conservatory, it’s easy to clean and offers great transparency allowing you to regulate light and temperature as desired.

When deciding on a glass roof you must consider that it is a fragile material that can be easily damaged by severe hail, requiring a more robust structure to carry its weight. It’s also a good idea to opt for a roof with added security features, such as anti-draught and impact-resistant glazing, to give you peace of mind.

Polycarbonate is a durable and lightweight option that can be moulded to any size or shape of conservatory. It’s easy to maintain, and the colour can be changed as and when you want. It’s not as transparent as a glass roof and doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal but can be a good alternative for those looking to save on costs.

The roof can be fitted in one week, transforming your conservatory into a room that’s comfortable and usable all year round. It can be customised with Velux-style windows to let in lots of natural light when required and can be fitted in conjunction with a solid roof to make the most of your space. All Eco Roofing SE roofs are custom made to order, offering you a high quality product that’s backed by a ten year insurance backed guarantee. For more information visit their website. The company was set up to fill a gap they saw in the market for roofs that are not pre-made and not bespoke to individual properties. The roofs can be ordered online or over the phone, and a team of expert installers will take care of everything else. conservatory roof replacement

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