Taking medication for anxiety can have its downsides but for many sufferers, anxiety medication is essential for them to cope with their day. Two of the most common drugs available at the moment for anxiety treatment are Xanax and Valium and we shall now have a closer look at these.

Xanax – This drug can be prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and the anxiety brought on by depression. There is also a generic form called alprozalam. The total recommended daily dosage of Xanax is 4mg and it is advised to build up to this level slowly. One of the risks involved with taking this medication is that patients can become addicted and so they have to be carefully monitored. It is also often abused and can be seen being sold on the street as well. When coming off Xanax patients must gradually reduce the amount of dose taken otherwise they may have adverse withdrawal side affects.

Valium – This is a common brand name for the drug Diazepam and has been used to treat anxiety for several years. It has other uses such as in the treatment of muscle spasms, insomnia and nightmares. For the treatment of anxiety attacks the dosage varies depending on the severity of the symptoms and it is taken as needed by the patient. As with Xanax, the patient must be carefully monitored and when ending the drug therapy the dosage must again be reduced slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Valium can also be abused for example by heroin addicts as it amplifies the effect of the opioids and also by stimulant abusers who take it to help them sleep.

If you have been prescribed either of these or other drugs to treat your anxiety the key thing is to follow the advice of your doctor and communicate with them regularly. If you experience any strange side effects whatsoever then your doctor should be made aware. Also your doctor knows best, only take dosage levels recommended by them if you want your drug therapy course to be successful in treating your anxiety with minimum complications. Xanax in vendita Milano

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