According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2013, on an average day, 68 percent of women did food preparation or clean up. They spent an average 2.6 hours daily on such activities. Preparing a food for us and our families is definitely a time consuming task. Having a well organized kitchen is essential in order to maximize time spend there. And the only thing you need to have perfectly arranged kitchen is the right setup.Clean and Organized Kitchen: Mission Possible

There are several tips for efficient setup. But first, before you start following them, make sure that you get rid of anything you won’t be using. I’m sure there are many tools which you’ve bought and never used, or there are items you’ve used once, months or years ago. In case you don’t want to throw them away, just put them in a place which you don’t use often so that they won’t get in your way. This can be the bottom drawer or somewhere outside your house. Once you put aside the non-needed tools you can start with re-organizing your kitchen.

  • Make a list with your most frequently used objects. Put them in a place which is easy to reach. If you’ve never hung pot holders, hand towels, or ladles on pins, you definitely need to consider that option. Almost all of the kitchens have enough room to put at least one pin. The point is to have less movements around the kitchen and reach the needed objects easier.
  • Assign stations for every task you do in your kitchen. Here is an example: you can have storage, cleaning and cooking stations. You’ll put there only the things you need when you use the current station.
  • There are items which you use a lot, it’s okay to have two of them. And I don’t mean to install a second sink. The point is, if you love cooking and prepare many meals it’d be easier for you to have more pots placed somewhere near your stove. On the other hand, if you aren’t a coffee person, you won’t need a coffee maker on your kitchen counter top.
  • In order to have a perfect looking kitchen, learn to arrange the items as if they were in a shop. For example, you can arrange them by color or by size. Thus, your kitchen will be organized and pretty. In addition, you’ll enjoy more the time you spend there.

Once you make these little changes, you’ll have completely different look of your kitchen. Also, you can continue with the rest of your home. When everything is well organized, you will save time on cleaning. And we all know that regular home cleaning is a time consuming task.

Clean and Organized Refrigerator

Once you re-arrange you kitchen, it’s time to take care of the storage space people often forget – the refrigerator. There’s no point of having a perfectly clean and organized kitchen and dirty and messy refrigerator. Forty percent of the food in United States goes uneaten and thrown away. One of the reasons for that is the chaos in our refrigerators. Think about the amount of food you throw away just because you’ve put it somewhere in your fridge and forgotten about it.Here are some ideas about what and where to put in your fridge:

  • Upper Shelves – use them to store foods that don’t have safety risk, such as drinks, yoghurt and so on.
  • Lower Shelves – use them to store foods with higher safety risk, such as milk, eggs, deli meat and so on.
  • Bottom Shelves – as this is the coldest area in your fridge, you can store there meats and fish. Also if juices drip, they won’t floor the whole refrigerator.
  • Drawers – put fruits and vegetables there, don’t forget to keep them in their original package or in a plastic bag.
  • Door – put condiments and bottles there, do not put any perishable items, as this is the warmest place in each refrigerator.

Quick Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

  • Make sure there is enough space between foods, because the cold air needs circulate freely.
  • Make sure there is enough space between walls and your fridge. If the space is not enough, heat gets trapped and the refrigerator will have a hard time working properly. That’s how you end up with a higher energy bill at the end of the month.
  • Always set the temperature of refrigerator to 38-40 degrees. Thus, you’ll keep bacteria away.

Having a well organized home is a difficult task. You need to take little steps before you manage to come up with the most useful arrangement. But once you start and put everything in order, you’ll see all the benefits that come with the well organized kitchen and home. rv fridge

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