Sharks are feared and revered in many cultures around the world, including Fiji where shark tooth necklaces have been a longtime tradition. Locals believe that sharks are guardians of the ocean and that wearing a shark tooth pendant can help them stay safe while they navigate its waters. Many people also believe that sharks represent strength and protection, as well as adaptability and perseverance.

In order to ensure that you’re purchasing a genuine shark tooth, look for one with serrated edges and a rough surface. Additionally, it should be smaller than an inch or two in length and should not have any visible blemishes. It’s also important to examine the chain or string that the tooth is strung on: a real shark tooth will feature a wire loop for the cord to run through, while fake teeth will have a loop of plastic attached.

It’s also important to consider whether or not your Shark tooth necklace is an example of cultural appropriation. The term ‘cultural appropriation’ refers to the practice of non-indigenous peoples using elements of their culture for their own gain, often without the original group’s approval. Many people who are unsure if wearing a Shark tooth necklace falls under this category can ask someone from the culture about their views and whether or not it’s appropriate to wear. This can help you avoid crossing any ethical lines and preserve the integrity of the Shark tooth necklace. Ultimately, however, the spiritual power of your Shark tooth will depend on your connection to it and how you use it. Shark tooth necklace

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