Tax advice Hattingen is the process of advising people and businesses on income taxes and a wide range of other financial-related counseling services. It is a highly specialized field that requires strong analytical skills, as well as the ability to keep abreast of changing laws and requirements at both the federal and state levels. Tax consultants may work for a firm, the government, or independently. Using advanced OCR technology, Holistiplan can read a tax return and create a white labeled report complete with relevant observations in seconds. This allows the advisor to save the report as a PDF and send it to their client via email or print it out to review with their client in person.

HATTINGEN (Reuters) – Those who are fed up with the coronavirus restrictions on touching people are being offered an alternative at a farm near Hattingen in western Germany: the chance to cuddle a sheep. “We have marvellous sheep that love it if they get visitors,” says Lexa Voss of the Rattenweg’ programme, which allows families with children to spend time stroking and petting the animals.

The Henrichshutte Ironworks at Hattingen are more than just a museum: in the demonstration foundry you can watch as iron is melted, and children can follow the Rattenweg (“The Rat’s Path”) to put their metalworking knowledge into practice at the play blast furnace. The LWL Industrial Museum at Henrichshutte also offers guided tours for children. Steuerberatung Hattingen

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