After the tragic death of her father Gwen has vowed to keep her secrets to herself but it doesn’t take long for her to open up to and care for the members of the Spider-Gang especially Miles. She also has no problem standing up to her friends as demonstrated when she confronted Ned Leeds when he bullied Peter and again when she stood up for Miles against Miguel in the aftermath of the collider incident.

When possessed by her powers, Gwen possesses the proportionate strength of a spider and can combat foes that would easily overwhelm her. Her spider physiology also grants her enhanced agility beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete allowing her to rapidly traverse distances while running, moving and web-swinging. Her spider-sense warns her of danger and, in conjunction with her quick reflexes, allows her to instinctively dodge or counter nearly all attacks.

Hailee Steinfeld voices this version of Gwen Stacy in both Into and Across the Spider-Verse and will lead the first ever Spider-Woman solo film in development. This Spider-Woman wears a specialized suit which allows her to operate without revealing her face, hands or feet. She has a white and black spider-patterned suit with pink and blue accents as well as a mask with pink emotive rims.

Like her counterpart Spider-Man, she is able to self-glide between surfaces granting her the ability to walk and even sit upside down on a wall. She’s also able to climb walls with ease. spider gwen realistic mask

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