Skin Whitening Injection is a treatment that makes you look younger, healthier and even. It lightens your skin tone, evens out dark spots, wrinkles and freckles, brightens the complexion and reduces hyperpigmentation. It also helps in reducing acne, pimples and scars and fights free radical damage.

Glutathione is known as the ‘Mother of all antioxidants’. It is produced naturally in our liver and combines three amino acids, cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. There are many online cosmetic products containing glutathione, L-cysteine, tranexamic acid, collagen, sheep placenta and vitamin C that claim to lighten and rejuvenate the skin. However, dermatologists caution against using such skin-lightening products unless they are prescribed by a medical professional.

Unlike creams and lotions, Glutathione skin whitening injections are administered intravenously (through your vein). This allows the substance to enter your bloodstream directly and is therefore more effective. It works by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme that promotes melanin production and making your skin lighter and brighter.

This is a safe and quick procedure, but it requires regular sessions to get the desired results. It usually takes eight to ten sessions to see a visible change in your skin color.

The skin lightening injections are also considered a more long-lasting treatment compared to oral supplements that have to go through the stomach’s digestive enzymes before they can be absorbed into the body. However, each person’s body is different so the results will vary. You may need more or less sessions if your skin is darker than the average.

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