Thickness of Poly Bags – a Mil Matters a Lot

If you think that buying plastic bags is an easy task, think again. There is more to it than just determining the right size and gauge (weight) for your intended purpose. When choosing a suitable poly bag for your business, a millimeter makes a world of difference. Such details are critical in choosing the most appropriate poly bag for your need.

A mil is a unit to measure the thickness of plastic, wherein 1 mil equals one-thousandth of an inch. Now, you need to get a fair idea of how these sizes and weights make a difference when choosing the bag that is right for your business needs.

Let us now consider the measure of everyday bag, and their thickness expressed in mils. A grocery bag measures 0.5 mil, dry cleaning bags are 0.75 mil, retail shopping bags usually measure 2 mil and a freezer bag is 1.75 mil thick.

Choice of Thickness Based on Application

Their thickness of should be specified on the basis of its usage. For example, if you need to store products that have sharp edges or those that are bulky, a heavier or thicker bag would be suitable. Also, keep in mind that its transparency is affected by its thickness. 1 mil poly bags would be much more transparent compared to 4 mil. So, if you want to view your products stored in it clearly, you need to choose that are less thick.

Food items such as vegetables and fruits are generally not stored in 6 mil bags as these are meant for heavy duty protection. Bulky items or those with sharp edges are stored in these bags. 1 mil bags can be used for economical storage for short time periods, 1.5 mil bags are a good option to protect products from moisture and dirt, while 2 mil poly bags are considered ideal for storage and protection during shipping. 3 mil bags are useful for the storage of hardware such as nuts and bolts, or other industrial parts. The thicker 4 mil bags are relatively stronger than most bags and thus, used for storage of heavy metal sheets, nails, screws, etc.

In the context of the thickness of poly bags as discussed here, it would be easier for you to decide on the one that is ideal for your use. If you order bags that are too thick, it may prove to be a waste of money. If you order too thin, it may not serve the purpose as well. Hence, choose judiciously considering the type of your business products and their longevity. Accordingly, you can buy these bags from a reliable online store that supplies a wide range of products at wholesale rates.sales michael kors handbags

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