A modern renovation of a 1930s Tudor-style home in Vancouver’s First Shaughnessy heritage conservation area. This project by Formwerks, a design-build firm with both architectural and interior design departments, showcases how classic designs can be brought into the 21st century without losing their character.

It is not only a reminder of the value of historic homes, but also the importance of preservation of our rich urban heritage. In a city where the new is prioritized over the old, this project shows how patient restoration can be a boon to the soul of a neighbourhood.

A new renovation by the owners of a split-level home in the Shaughnessy area adds new areas of light to their home, and keeps its original character. Fine craftsmanship elevates the traditional renovation in this elegant home.

Shaughnessy Home Improvement, located in the heart of Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighborhood, provides kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basements, additions, decks, windows and heating & air conditioning services. The team works with homeowners, builders, architects and interior designers to meet each client’s individual needs and goals.

Shaughnessy has long been known as the preserve of the wealthy, a neighbourhood where the average house price is $8 million and only eight people live per acre. This exclusivity is partly by design, thanks to the First Shaughnessy heritage conservation area and a city plan that prevents duplexes, triplexes and apartments from being built in single-family zones. However, the lack of housing options has led to a dramatic decrease in the population of the neighbourhood and the loss of many older houses. home renovation Shaughnessy

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