Ruqyah Paper – Dissolvable Quran & Islamic supplications

There is nothing wrong with writing verses and supplications from the Sunnah on papers and other pure things using ink that will dissolve in water and giving it to a person to drink. This is a good way to make Ruqyah and seek remedy for illness and pain. Many of the righteous predecessors did that, and it is a good practice. It is also permissible to write the Names of Allaah The Almighty or verses from the Quran on a sheet or tablet, and wash it and give it to a person for drinking as Ruqyah. It is a good way to seek remedy and is not a disgrace, as long as the sheets are clean and there is no blood on them.

Some people use stamps dipped in saffron water to write verses and supplications on papers, then they sell them to the sick and they say that it is Ruqyah ash-Sha’r’eeya (Ruqyah with saffron). This is not permissible as the saffron will leave its mark on the paper, making it unclean. Also it is not from the Ruqyah ash-Sha’r’eeya that is agreed upon by scholars, which is reading on a person and then washing it with water and letting him drink it for recovery.

Alternatively you can make the Ruqyah water yourself by boiling water, and then leaving it to cool, before adding the saffron. This is a better and more practical method for most people. dissolvable quran ruqyah paper

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