A real estate photographer should have the necessary equipment to do their job well. This can include a drone for aerial photography and lighting equipment to brighten up dark rooms. A good photographer should also have a strong portfolio to showcase their skills.

A great portfolio shows a professional’s ability to take quality photographs and edit them to create stunning listings. It should also highlight any special services that they offer.

Google Reviews

When looking for real estate photography near me, you want to find a photographer with a track record of consistently high customer ratings and availability. This is especially important since real estate is a seasonal business. A good real estate photographer will be available during the peak selling season in May and June, but also have flexibility to work with clients during slower times, like the holidays or after a slow market.

When searching for real estate photography near me, look for organic listings in addition to paid ads. The results of the organic search will vary, but they’ll be more likely to include reviews and rankings from previous customers.

A simple strategy that will yield immediate results is to list your photography company on Google business and ask all of your recent clients for a review. This will boost your visibility, credibility, and trustworthiness and help you rank higher in search results. In the long term, this will help your website get more traffic and lead to new business. You’ll be able to charge more for your services as you become an established business in the area.

Facebook Groups

Real estate agents often hire photographers to help them market their listings. Professional photos are known to attract more buyers, which can lead to faster sales and higher offers. This is especially important in a buyer’s market, when properties are typically sold at or close to the original asking price.

A good real estate photographer will also have extensive editing skills. They will be able to make their images look brighter and sharper, which can make them more eye-catching. They will also be able to remove distracting elements from the shots, such as personal items and clutter. This can make it easier for potential homebuyers to visualize themselves living in the property.

In addition to traditional real estate photography, NYC Real Estate Photographers can offer a variety of other specialty services, including virtual staging and 3-D tours. This makes them a one-stop-shop for modern real estate marketing. These services are ideal for real estate agents, builders, interior designers, and architects. They can also help their clients with drone footage, floor plans, and videography. They can even do walkthroughs of commercial buildings.

Networking Events

As a real estate photographer, networking events are essential for cultivating long-term relationships with potential clients. Networking events are also an opportunity to showcase your skills and gain new business opportunities.

Attend local photography events to connect with other photographers and industry stakeholders. For example, the Real Estate Photographers Association connects photographers across America through networking events and online forums. The group’s annual dues offer resources and camaraderie.

Another way to connect with potential clients is to post a message on social media asking for recommendations. Include a link to your website and details about your services. For instance, you might specify the types of photos that you’re willing to take and how much you charge for each service.

Another way to promote your services is by using banners, posters, and vehicle wraps. You can also use social media to share behind-the-scenes images of your shoots. These images will help build trust and boost your credibility. They can also increase the perceived value of your photos and enhance your professional image. However, you should remember that some people may not be ready to hire your services right away.


A real estate photographer’s portfolio is a key part of their business. It allows potential clients to view their work and decide whether they want to hire them. It should include a variety of shots, including interiors, exteriors, and aerial views. It should also show the type of property they specialize in. For example, a residential photographer might focus on high-end homes.

To build a good portfolio, real estate photographers should select their best photos and have them well-organized on a website. They should also clearly label their commercial and residential projects to make it easier for clients to find the right information. In addition, a well-designed website should be fast and optimized for mobile devices.

A successful real estate photographer has a unique perspective on photography and knows how to capture the details that buyers love. They use their skills to create a story and a sense of place, which makes them stand out from the competition. They are also willing to go the extra mile to ensure their clients get the best result.


If you’re a real estate agent looking to attract potential buyers, you need exceptional listing photos. The vast majority of buyers start their property search online, and poor quality photos can make a home look rough or cause low-ball offers. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced photographer for your listings.

When choosing a photographer, be sure to check their portfolio before hiring them. This will give you a sense of their work style and how they edit their photographs. Look for a natural, clean, and professional editing style that will appeal to buyers. You should also ask the photographer about their equipment and if they have any specialty shots that they can take, like drone photography and video tours.

Experienced photographers know how to capture the right light and angles to highlight a home’s features. They can even help you create 3D virtual tours and videos of your listing. This is an excellent way to attract potential clients and get them interested in your listing. This type of visual media can also be used for your website, social media, and marketing materials. professional real estate photography

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