A lot of beautiful homes are complemented by the equally beautiful area rugs sprawled in the many areas around the house,

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 adding warmth, life and create interesting effect to any room or area in the house. Wool rugs are the most popular area rugs chosen by many homemakers to adorn their homes. Wool being considered as the ultimate fiber is expensive and that’s why it is essential that proper cleaning and maintenance of the area rugs made of wool are done in order to make the rugs last a long time.

Frequent vacuuming of the UK wool rugs is a must owing to the fact that area rugs do get a lot of abuse from sand, dust, dirt, spills and spots. Vacuuming using a quality vacuum cleaner is a great way to keep the area rugs clean and prolonging its lifespan. Beating or shaking the rugs are likely to cause damage to the rugs, by setting the vacuum cleaner beater bar high, all the accumulated dirt and soil will be sucked in right out of the rug. A regular vacuuming schedule, usually recommended at two to three times a week, will help prevent stubborn dirt from sticking to the wool fibers.

When vacuuming fails to remove the dirt from the wool rugs, washing the area rug is the recommended action. Wool fibers generally repel dirt so there’s really not much need for washing except when there are sticky dirt or stain that wouldn’t go off with regular vacuuming. When washing your area rugs, a specialized wool cleaning agent should be used to make sure that the wool fibers are not damaged. Standard washing procedure requires testing a hidden area of the rug first to see if the colors in the rug will bleed or not. If it bleeds, you shouldn’t continue. If it does not bleed, you may lay your rug on a surface that is flat and clean and gently sponge the wool or as per directions of the cleaning agent solution. Scrubbing is not to be done because it can damage the wool fibers, so the sponge should only be applied with gentle pressure to remove the dirt or stain. The area rugs should be cleansed and rinsed with water using a hose and leave it outdoors to dry. For even drying, the rugs should be turned on both sides. 

Sometimes, stubborn and sticky stains are not removed by vacuuming or washing. Steam cleaning is one other cleaning option for UK wool rugs to remove such stains and dirt. But it has to be properly done because some home steam cleaner can get the rugs too wet or leave residue behind causing the rugs to become dirtier than before. If the rugs will be steamed, hiring professional cleaners will be the best option. In order to avoid having to steam clean the rugs, spills and stains should be immediately removed after they happen. You can use a soaked up towel or cloth and get it to absorb the stain or the spill. When cleaning spills, you shouldn’t scrub or rub. Blotting will keep the stain from spreading out.  

If your area rugs are washed clean, it is important that the rugs dry properly to avoid making the rugs smell musty. When drying a washed out rug, you can place dry towels under and over the rug to help draw the moisture out. Alternatively, you can hang your rug outside in a shady area to get the water pour down. You can also lay it in your driveway, turning the sides equally to have even drying of the rugs.  vintage turkish rugs

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