The PGDL is the law conversion course that leads to becoming a solicitor or barrister. It takes one academic year if studied full time, and is considerably shorter than an undergraduate law degree. The PGDL is a course in which you will learn the fundamental points of law, but there is more emphasis on practicality and application to everyday life than on deep legal research or theory.

Many students choose to study the PGDL part-time so they can work while studying. This allows them to earn money while learning, and can help with living expenses. It can be challenging to balance work and study, and it is advisable to consider whether you are prepared for this kind of commitment before embarking on the PGDL.

You can also choose to do a PGDL online, which offers more flexibility and may be preferred by those who are already working in the legal sector or who have family commitments. However, it is important to note that the online PGDL differs slightly from the in-person version and you should look carefully at the course specifications and the university’s reputation to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is equivalent.

Many PGDL providers, including BPP and the University of Law offer a range of scholarships for students looking to become solicitors or barristers. These are generally awarded for high intellectual ability and motivation, but can be based on financial need as well. In addition, the four Inns of Court often offer a combination of PGDL and BPTC scholarships. PGDL

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