During separation, married couples can work out the details of how they want to handle finances, property, children and more. These arrangements are often reflected in a separation agreement that resolves these issues and makes it easier for them to move on in the event of divorce.

When drafting a New York separation agreement, it is important to be clear and specific. It can help to be as detailed as possible when discussing severance pay, as well as when addressing custody and visitation rights, and child or spousal support. For example, it is important to spell out exactly when certain events will occur – such as school holidays and vacations – or which items are going to be sold when, in order to avoid any confusion and conflict down the road.

It is also common to include a clause specifying whether or not the company will continue payments toward health insurance and other benefits like vision, dental and group life insurance. Another important detail is a statement detailing what the company will say about you in future job reference letters and any other information that may affect your employment status.

The final part of a New York separation agreement often deals with how to enforce the terms of the agreement. It can be helpful to include a clause that states that the court cannot modify or enforce any portion of the agreement that is not specifically set out in the document. This is a way to prevent one party from violating the terms of the agreement by taking legal action to change the outcome of the situation. separation agreements

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