When you go to the wine capital of California, missing out on experiencing Napa  Valley wine tours is the last thing you would want to do. There are lots of things you will get to experience when you go to Napa Valley, and often times, hotels in the area and even travel packages are already included with the activities you will choose doing while on the area. With an estimated number of over three hundred wineries established in the county, experiencing a Napa Valley wine tour becomes an exquisite pleasure.

Activities During Napa Valley Wine Tours

There are plenty of stuff which are being showcased in such a tour. One of them is of course wine-tasting. But more than just letting you sip lots of wine from many refineries, tour guides (who most of the time are the owners themselves) also teach a few tricks and tips when it comes to reaching satisfaction in wine tasting. Some even teach you how to appreciate wine and note differences in various wine products. Aside from this, wine tours also let you on the colorful histories of many popular wineries, so you can get a glimpse of how these distilleries started out and what’s the secret behind their generations of success.

Aside from these really cool experiences, there are also wine and food pair-ups. One of the things that wineries keep in store for their visitors is to educate them about the ways in which food and wine can help enhance each other’s taste. If you are lucky, you will be in on some food and wine pairing festivity while experiencing a Napa Valley wine tour. This way, you will get to see and experience how wines can fare alongside various cuisines from all over the world. You will also get to meet a lot of people, and in essence increase your networks throughout these fun-filled activities.

What You Should Remember with Wine Tours

In order for you to fully maximize that wine tour experience, there a few important tips that you must remember. One of them is to at least get to visit three different wineries in one day. Doing this will help you realize how Napa Valley was able to achieve its worldwide popularity based from the wine industry, and it will also help you appreciate the beauty of the entire wine area.

Then of course, you should also remember to practice wine etiquette as you go along these wine tours. This involves the three “S” to wine tasting — you Swirl your glass, you Sniff it, and then you Sip the wine. If your host asks you what you think of the wine, it’s better to be honest than put on a fake smile and say that you like it. Remember that not all wine are meant to taste sweet and be ultimately pleasurable to drink. So, it’s better if you really say how the wine made you feel because wines also, are made distinct according to their own characteristics.

To cap your day of wine tasting tour, make sure you indulge yourself in some gourmet food for that full of wine experience. There are plenty of gourmet restaurants you can choose from while enjoying Napa Valley Wine Tours, and so you can be guaranteed to never really run out of food choices. Willamette Valley tours

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