Buying a home comes with plenty of upfront costs. There’s a mortgage, homeowners

insurance and property taxes, to name just a few. But moving comes with its own

unique set of expenses that can add up quickly. From moving supplies to cleaning

services, there’s a lot more to consider than just movers and truck rentals. Here are

the most common hidden costs associated with a move, so you can budget


Furniture: You’ll need to either buy or borrow furniture for your new home, or rent a

truck and pay movers to transport it. Then there are the additional furniture-related

expenses like boxing materials and tape, a dolly or other heavy-duty equipment

rental, and the cost of moving insurance in case something gets damaged on the


Cleaning: Before you leave your old place, you’ll need to clean it from top to bottom,

and that will cost money, too. So will the initial cleaning at your new place,

especially if it needs major work. Finally, there’s the cost of restocking your kitchen

and pantry for food and beverages leading up to the move, as well as meals during

the actual relocation.

If you’re going to be a temporary resident in your new state or country, then you’ll

need to factor in the price of staying at hotels during your transition. You’ll also need

to register your car, and the fees for that vary by state.


Other expenses you’ll need to budget for include the cost of a rental truck, mileage

or gas and moving insurance. You’ll also need to figure in the costs of a new phone,

internet and cable for your new location as well as a new credit card. Finally, if

you’re hiring movers, be sure to account for their flat rate fees as well as any add-

ons such as stair or elevator charges, wooden crating and specialty items like


In the end, your total Umzugsskosten will depend on how much stuff you have,

where you’re going and whether it’s a long or short move. But by taking the time to

review your potential costs and create a realistic budget, you’ll be less likely to

overspend or come up short in your financial projections. Best of all, with a little

planning you can get your move done without blowing your savings account.

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