Modern kitchen cabinets favor clean lines, flat surfaces and a calm aesthetic. Cabinets can be simple and utilitarian, or they can feature an open display design that showcases glassware or stone countertop slabs. They can also include a hidden breakfast station that tucks coffee, tea and toaster items out of sight when not in use.

Wood finishes are an important part of modern kitchen design. Light-colored shades like whites and yellows are common, but many homeowners choose to go with a darker shade that has warmth and character. Dark green cabinets, for example, can be a beautiful accent to the right kitchen.

Frameless cabinetry is another popular choice for modern kitchens. This style has no face frames around the doors and drawer fronts, which creates a smooth surface that’s easy to wipe clean and adds to the feeling of spaciousness in the room.

Cabinets with doors that have rounded, milled edges are another option for a classic meets modern look. You can also find a wide variety of other cabinet door styles, from shaker to beaded inset.

When shopping for modern kitchen cabinets, look for a company that has a showroom or can ship them directly to you. One good option is Form, a direct-to-consumer company that offers custom cabinetry for both homes and commercial spaces. Customers choose from eight curated cabinet styles, provide basic dimensions of their space and receive the finished cabinets within four to 12 weeks. The company also has a network of installers you can hire.

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