Matter Residences is a freehold new launch project by L.K Ang Construction Pte Ltd and will be completed by 2023. It is located at Mattar Road and is close to Canossa Convent Primary School, Geylang Methodist Primary School and Macpherson Primary School. It will be connected to Kallang URA transformation and has many amenities, shopping centres and restaurants nearby.

What is matter?
Matter is a new smart home standard that is built on top of existing standards like Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth. It is designed to reduce the fragmentation in the smart home market, making it easier for devices from different brands to work together. It is also backed by major players in the industry, such as Google Nest, Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings, which will all be supporting it. It uses low-power mesh networking that enables devices to talk to each other directly, and it is secure using banking-standard encryption.

The biggest contribution to Matter comes from Intel, which has developed a special processor called the Edison chip that has been designed to support the protocol. This will enable devices to communicate with each other over the network, and with your smartphone or voice assistant via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It will also allow your device to share data with other products on the network, which could make it more energy efficient.

Ultimately, the benefit to you will be that your Matter devices will speak the same language, and that you will be able to use them with multiple ecosystems at once, or switch between them as you please. You may even be able to use them with your cellular phone and voice assistant of choice, as long as the controller manufacturer supports it. matter residences

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