Lote leaves are an ancient ingredient with many health and beauty benefits. They are a good source of natural antioxidants and can boost the immune system. They can also be used to improve skin health and treat certain skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The leaves can be dried and used as a hair oil to promote scalp health and reduce dandruff. They can also be used to make a face mask that will help with acne and other skin conditions. They can be eaten as a tea for the health of the body and soul. The leaves are mentioned in the Sunnah (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) as a natural cure for many illnesses, and they can be found in many Ayurvedic medicines.

This aquatic plant grows to more than 6 feet tall and produces large flowers, seed pods, and leaves. The flowers are luminescent yellow and contain 20 or more sepals and petals, up to 8 inches across, and a central raised receptacle resembling a showerhead. Flowers bloom from June through September. The seed pods are large, circular, and do not have cuts. The leaves are blue-green, shed water, and normally held above water level on long stalks, although they can float. The leaf ribs are long, sharply curved, and have a fine texture.

Researchers at Fudan University developed a mathematical model that predicts the shape of various kinds of leaves on lotus plants. To put the model to the test, they cut facsimiles of lotus leaves from a material that expands when wet. Then, they selectively wetted the material at places where the growth in real lotus leaves is predicted and allowed it to float for prescribed periods. This mimicked growth constrained by underlying water, and the fake leaves assumed shapes that agreed with the calculations and observations of real leaves floating in the wild.

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