A junkyard fort myers is the place where old cars go to die. They are usually located in the poorer parts of town and often have fences around them to keep people out. In recent years, however, there has been a push to change this. In fact, one such yard, Garden Street Iron and Metal on Metro Parkway, is set to open a self-serve used auto parts facility. This has caused some controversy.

The Fort Myers City Council will decide whether to allow the junkyard to expand in Dunbar, a predominantly black neighborhood that already has 10 such businesses. Veronica Shoemaker, a council member from Dunbar, says the yards are bad for property values and quality of life in her community. She has argued that they should not be allowed to expand.

But Weber says the junkyards are a valuable resource to the city. He said his business brings in more than $1 million per week, which comes from outside of Lee County and the state. He also pointed out that the previous owner of the property contaminated it with fertilizer chemicals, and that his company has a plan to clean it up.

U Pull Pay in Fort Myers specializes in used car parts and scrap metal recycling. They have a large inventory of auto parts from different vehicle brands and models. This allows customers to save money by purchasing affordable used car parts instead of paying high prices for new or refurbished car parts. junkyard fort myers

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