IVF Clinic Sharjah offers an extensive range of advanced fertility treatments. With a keen awareness of patient nicely-being, they specialize in helping individuals and couples on their journey to parenthood.

Until recently, the UAE only had one publicly funded IVF clinic. But due to demand, this brief moment of ‘IVF for all’ soon became unsustainable.

Fertility Testing

Dubai is known as a glamor city, but it’s also a medical hub that offers world class fertility treatment. It’s responsible for bringing affordable Assisted Reproductive Techniques to the UAE.

The clinic’s lab has the capability to perform genetic testing on embryos. This includes screening for hereditary diseases and identifying the gender of the fetus. It can even help women who have suffered repeated miscarriages by analyzing the chromosomes of their products of conception.

Other tests performed by the clinic include semen analysis, which assesses the health and viability of sperm. This can be used to diagnose issues like blockage, erectile dysfunction or poor semen quality.

Ovulation Stimulation

If you have tried other fertility treatments, but are still unable to conceive a child, IVF may be the right option for you. IVF involves the fertilization of an egg outside of a woman’s body, in a laboratory setting.

This procedure is a complex and time-consuming process, but it has one of the highest success rates for women under 40. The first step is ovarian stimulation, which uses fertility medications to help multiple eggs develop and prevent premature ovulation.

Sperm Collection

When the UAE government rolled back its generous IVF public financing programme in 2005, local Emirati couples immediately queued up to receive treatment at private clinics. Long waiting lists formed, and Emirati patients were given scheduling priority in what is known as the ‘emiratization’ of fertility treatment.

Sperm can be collected via natural ejaculation or TESA (micro TESE). Semen collection can be coordinated with ovarian stimulation and IVF-ICSI for future use. Abstaining from ejaculation for 2-7 days prior to semen collection is recommended for best results. Sperm freezing is also available and can be used for IVF-ICSI or IUI.


Fertility treatment is the best way to help couples conceive and grow their families. Despite being an expensive and lengthy process, it is worth it in the end. It is an incredibly rewarding experience for the couple and their child.

IVF is an advanced fertility treatment that involves fertilizing eggs and sperm in a laboratory environment. This allows for the selection of healthy embryos, increasing the chance of a successful pregnancy. It includes Ovulation Stimulation, Egg Retrieval, Sperm Collection, Embryo Culture, and Embryo Transfer. Moreover, it also offers Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). PGD is used to identify chromosomal defects or genetic diseases before pregnancy.

Embryo Culture

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is the process of uniting an egg and sperm outside the body in a laboratory setting. This treatment has helped millions of couples become parents.

Embryo culture involves the growth of embryos in a nutritionally rich environment for 5 to 6 days. This step is vital for a successful in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. The ability to accurately evaluate and select the best embryo will shorten the time to pregnancy and encourage single-embryo transfer (SET), improving maternal and fetal outcomes.

Embryo Transfer

When the eggs have been fertilised, they are monitored in a laboratory dish for several days. When the embryos reach a stage of four to eight cells they are called blastocysts and ready for transfer.

Egg retrieval is usually performed under sedation (a general anaesthetic is not required) and takes 30/45 minutes. You may feel a slight twinge during the procedure but it is not painful.

With world class treatment right here at our clinics the UAE is a hotspot for medical tourism especially in the fertility field. This joint venture between American Hospital and Livio brings in a new level of expertise that is bound to increase pregnancy rates among patients seeking IVF in Dubai.

Pregnancy Test

Our clinic offers a wide range of services, including diagnosing and treating male and female infertility. We also undertake root-cause analysis and provide counseling support. Our IVF doctors and nurses are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible outcomes.

IVF and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) are advanced assisted reproductive technologies that can improve pregnancy rates for couples and individuals with severe fertility issues. These techniques are often advised by reproductive specialists when other methods of treatment have failed.

It is important to note that the test must be taken after your period has missed, because a positive result only indicates that there are traces of the hormone hCG present in your body.

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