in store marketing is a way to promote products and services in brick-and-mortar stores. It includes merchandising and displays, product promotions, and sales events to boost brand awareness and increase revenue. In the age of e-commerce and direct-to-consumer, it can be easy to overlook traditional in-store marketing as a viable strategy for your business. However, with 80% of shopping still happening in stores, it’s important to leverage this opportunity to grow your market share and drive customer traffic.

Despite the fact that consumers can find almost anything on the internet, they prefer to interact with products in person when they are buying something. That’s why it’s so important for fast-moving consumer goods brands to have an effective in-store marketing campaign that catches the eye of the shopper, making them want to buy your product.

The in-store experience is an important moment of self-discovery for the shopper and, according to the POPAI France barometer, 58% of shoppers welcome in-store advertising. They appreciate information that helps them make a purchase decision and improves speed and efficiency in the process.

Service-based businesses can also boost in-store engagement by promoting discounts for bundled services (like a manicure and pedicure combo) and by encouraging customers to leave reviews or social media posts on their way out. It’s also a good idea to offer a loyalty program with reward points, a referral discount, or another type of incentive to keep people coming back. By combining this strategy with accurate, actionable data (like store profiling), you can be more targeted in your messaging.

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