Many RV owners are replacing their norcold cooling units with Amish made ones. They are very good and work well but there is one caveat – you must follow the instructions closely to avoid the cooling unit failing prematurely.

When installing a new cooling unit you must make sure that the evaporator foam pack is sealed to the pocket by properly applying the sealing tape. In addition you should remove the mastic (Putty-like material) that was put on by the assembler at the factory. The mastic is a thermal conductor and should not be where the insulating foam needs to be.

After the mastic is removed and the foam pack sealed you should use a fresh coat of the sealer to ensure that it will last for a long time. Then you can install the new evaporator unit and the new thermostatic switch.

The thermostatic switch should be installed where it will be close to the evaporator fins, and ideally right on top of them. This will ensure that the fan on the back of the fridge starts to move heat out far sooner in the cooling cycle than it did before, helping to improve performance.

The new JC Refrigeration thermostatic switch is located on a small plate that is several inches lower than the evaporator fins, so it will start moving the heat out of the fridge even more quickly. This will also help to prevent the refrigerator from overheating, which is a common cause of a defective cooling unit. The Fridge Defend Control, which monitors the temperature of the boiler and shuts off the heater that drives the refrigeration process if it overheats, will also protect your Dometic or Norcold Refrigerator from damage caused by an overheated cooling unit. norcold cooling units

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