One of the most important parts of your child’s Power Wheels toy car is the battery. It powers the car as well as the additional features such as the power lock brake and the FM radio. It makes sure that those features perform well. There are many types of batteries and the Power Wheels comes with a 12 volt battery. This type of battery is rechargeable but after 1 to 3 years of usage, you may need to replace it. When replacing the Power Wheels 12 volt battery, you should follow the instructions given below:

1. First, check the manual book of your child’s Power Wheels. Read the instructions on how to replace the battery. Make sure that you choose a battery type that is compatible with the vehicle. Choosing the wrong type can cause product malfunction. If you can’t find the manual, you can download the electronic version from the official Power Wheels website.

2. Expose battery compartment by opening the vehicle’s hood.

3. Unlock the battery and remove it from the compartment. You should make sure that you place the old unit out of your child’s reach. The product contains sulfuric acid which is a hazardous chemical substance.

4. Check the battery connector and make sure that there are no signs of corrosion on it.

5. Check the car’s battery compartment. The compartment should be clean and there should be no acid leaks from the old battery.

6. When you have checked the connector and the compartment, now you can pull the battery clamp. After that, place the new battery into the compartment.

7. Plug the new unit to the connector and then close the hood. Charge it for at least 18 hours before using the car for the first time.

8. To prevent acid leak, it is recommended that you put the old battery in a plastic bag.

9. Last but not least, do not dispose the old battery. It is always nice to know that the product is recyclable and you can send it to the nearest Power Wheels authorized service center to be recycled.

As long as you follow the instructions above, replacing the battery of your child’s Power Wheels car is very easy, hassle free and safe. You only need to check the compartment, the connector and eventually place the new 12 volt battery into the compartment. When replacing the battery, make sure that your child is nowhere near it. 12 volt 20ah lithium battery

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