Quilling is the craft of rolling, shaping and gluing strips of paper to create unique shapes. Also called paper-scrolling, paper filigree and mosaic art, it’s a versatile hand-craft that’s applied to a variety of designs from tiny greeting cards to elaborate picture wall-hangings.

Although the ancients rolled silver and gold wires to embellish items, it wasn’t until the invention of paper that quilling gained popularity. When metal became more difficult to craft and expensive, it was replaced by paper that could be shaped into intricate designs.

The newer techniques allow for more creative interpretations of the art, and it’s not uncommon to see quilled coils glued onto earrings, necklaces and other decorative pieces. These gorgeous creations are a wonderful way to show off your love of this timeless craft, and they’re a guaranteed attention-getter.

To get started making your own, all you need are a few simple strips of 1/8″ inch quilling paper and a small set of tools. The basic supplies include a needle or slotted quilling tool (though a toothpick works in a pinch), your choice of acid-free glue – I like Elmer’s Clear School Glue or Scotch Clear Glue – and a nonstick surface to work on, such as a Styrofoam tray or a paper plate covered with aluminum foil.

Some quillers choose not to use a tool and simply rely on their fingers for the perfect relaxed coils, but most prefer the precision offered by a slotted tool or needle. With a little practice, you’ll soon be crafting gorgeous, gift-worthy earrings and pendants that your friends and family will be oohing and ahing over. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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