Choosing a lawyer to handle your injury case is one of the most important decisions you can make in a personal injury lawsuit. The right lawyer can mean the difference between winning your claim and going home with nothing or significantly less than what your case is worth.

This free report reveals insights that most injury victims never bother to learn about lawyers who handle injury claims. If you follow the advice in this report, it could make the difference between winning your case and walking away with nothing.

1. Does this lawyer have a lot of experience handling injury cases?

The most common mistake that injury victims make when selecting a lawyer is to choose someone who has only done a few dozen personal injury cases. In many cases, that is not enough experience to successfully represent a client.

2. Does this lawyer regularly try cases in court?

Most people assume that all personal injury attorneys go to court and try jury cases on a regular basis. This is a dangerous assumption. In reality, a large percentage of personal injury lawyers have very little or no trial experience.

3. What is this attorney’s policy on expense reimbursement if the case is lost?

Almost all personal injury lawyer offer a free consultation and will not charge a fee unless there is a recovery in the case (this is known as a contingency fee agreement). However, not all lawyers have the same fee policy. Some lawyers expect the client to reimburse them for all of their “case expenses” even if the case is lost.

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