Stress and anxiety are a major contributor to poor health. They can manifest in many ways such as panic attacks, generalized fear or depression. Many people turn to alternative techniques and products in order to deal with these problems. One such option is quantum healing therapy. Quantum healing is a relatively new technique but claims to be able to relieve some of the most difficult mental or emotional issues that we face.

The theory behind quantum healing is that our bodies are made up of a life force energy, known as chi in China and prana in India. This energy is present throughout the body and if it becomes out of balance, the individual may become sick. This idea is based on a number of concepts such as resonance and entrainment which are well understood in science. Quantum therapists are believed to be able to transfer this life force energy into a specific area where the individual is experiencing pain, illness or other negative conditions.

Another interesting belief of quantum healers is that the person must desire to be healed in order for it to occur. They also believe that it is possible for the practitioner to ask a person?s higher self if they agreed to experience this particular disease or if it is a lesson that needs to be learned.

Mainstream scientists are still in the process of determining how this type of therapy works but many people that have used it have found relief from their symptoms. It is important to remember that quantum healing is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment and should be used in conjunction with it.

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