A conservatory is a great way of adding more space and light to your home. Around ten years ago a conservatory was perhaps a room for just occasional use. They were notorious for over heating during summer and being incredibly cold during the winter. However, modern conservatories are now constructed with wall insulation and many are available with heat reflective glass windows and roof panels that help to store the warmth.

Modern conservatories therefore offer a genuine year round space from which you can dine, relax in the sunshine, work or use as a playroom. Furnished and decorated correctly they can add significant value to your home.

Cane furniture, also known as rattan or wicker, has long been a favourite in many UK conservatories. The pliable nature of cane in its raw state means it can be bent and twisted into a variety of unusual shapes which when cooled form the frame of a variety of beautiful pieces of furniture. Cane furniture is usually sold through specialist outlets and can vary significantly in price. Pay close attention to the intricate detail and bear in mind that furniture of this nature is made entirely by hand, usually by skilled local craftsmen and women throughout Far East Asia. The more detail in the weaving you find the higher the price will be.

More “eco-friendly” than wood, rattan is a sustainable plant form, which grows throughout Asia at an incredibly fast rate. The fact that it can be bent into a shape after a short period of hot water steaming has no adverse effect on its finished state. In fact once cooled, cane is as strong as wood and will provide you with years of use in the home.

There are many types of cane furniture available in the UK. You will commonly find sofas and armchairs being sold with a variety of different fabric patterns and cloths. The range of co-ordinating accessories often leaves consumers spoilt for choice. You will likely find dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, footstools, magazine racks, log baskets and even bookshelves and lamps to co-ordinate with your cane sofa and chairs. Buying from a specialist retailer will usually allow you a great deal of flexibility. For instance you may only have space for two armchairs and a coffee table or you may prefer your dining table to be supplied with six chairs rather than four. A specialist cane furniture supplier will be able to help you plan your conservatory and will usually be flexible in terms of quantities supplied.

When choosing the fabric for your conservatory furniture pay attention to both the design and price. Cane suites are typically sold including cushions which are covered using printed cotton. Certain retailers such as Alfresia allow you to “upgrade” your fabric choice to a more luxurious woven chenille or jacquard fabric. The upgrade cost is not usually significant and this small price can often totally enhance the look of the suite. If you are buying from an online retailer you should always order swatches before placing your order as the colour in a photo can vary from the actual shade you will receive. how much to replace conservatory roof

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