Many watches are made to be disposable. They are cheap, last long enough, and when they break they are discarded. One of the advantages is being able to own several watches for different occasions. Not all watches are made to be disposable. They are made to last because they are finely crafted. Some watches that can be repaired are vintage watches, while others are fine watches made to last and even to be handed down to future generations.

Companies like the following make fine watches:

* TAG Heuer

* Jaeger-LeCoultre

* Bulgari

* Patek Phillipe

* Richard Mille

* Breguet

* Vacheron Constantin

* Girard-Perregaux

People, who buy the above watches, buy them because of the status, the quality, and durability. It is an investment to buy such a fine watch, so it is worth the cost of repairs to fix a broken watch when it needs repair. Not every jeweler or watchmaker is qualified to fix a broken fine watch. When a fine watch is fixed, it should be returned with a certificate.

Choosing a watchmaker to fix a fine watch should be done with care to maintain the original value of the watch. Luxury watches need special care to be fixed correctly or restored. A watch may need to be fixed due to age, wear, or damage. Vintage, antique, and heirloom watches will need repair eventually, no matter how well it was cared for.

When choosing a jeweler to repair a watch, choose a jeweler that has a professionally trained watchmaker and experience with the brand of watch that you will be having repaired. For vintage, antique, and heirloom watches you will want a watch repair facility that has an inventory of obsolete parts. The watch should be able to be fixed in a reasonable amount of time, like about two weeks. A 12-24 month guarantee is reasonable to expect after a watch is repaired.

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