Employment lawyers near me provide guidance on a number of issues. They are available to assist with claims such as workplace discrimination, on-the-job harassment, wrongful termination, wage disputes and severance agreements. They also help clients file for unemployment compensation and appeal denials of benefits.

An experienced New York employment attorney can help an employee understand the terms of their employer’s contract. While some contracts are express, others can be implied from the actions of an employer or statements made in company policies and handbooks. Employment attorneys can also review and argue whether an employment agreement is in violation of the law.

If an employer violates an employee’s legal rights, employees can file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or their state equivalent. They may also file a lawsuit against their employer.

Employers are required to make a good-faith effort to accommodate employees with disabilities. If an employer fails to do so, they could be sued for a claim of illegal discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Whether you are an office worker, teacher, nurse, salesperson or CFO, no one should have to endure discrimination or wrongful adverse action at work. If your employment situation is causing you distress, an attorney can provide objectivity and historical case references to help build a strong legal argument on your behalf. They can also serve as communication middlemen between you and your employer, ensuring your needs are clearly expressed and helping shield you from the emotional fallout of these communications. employment lawyers near me

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