Let’s face it; we all get stressed out from the daily grind of things, from the low days at the office to the drudgery of doing the never ending house hold chores. Don’t you wish you were at the beach lazing around the white sand beach surrounded by tropical trees or bungee jumping with friends as you let loose of all those angst? Then look no more, corporate offices everywhere have tied up with outdoor sporting companies as part of their team building efforts by driving dune buggies.

Dune buggy, you say? Yes this colorful automatic transmission two seat open air recreational vehicle with four large wheels on a modified engine supported by safety frames, has taken the sporting world by storm. Think of a rugged golf cart shaped like a small version of a jeep or a Volkswagen beetle then that’s your buggy.

Company executives acknowledged the importance this vehicle play in boosting morale, trust and honesty among beat out employees making them more productive team members in an organization. In the developing economies of Asia particularly in the Emirates, relocated expatriates from Europe and the United States have introduced this proven method, paving the way as a confidence building measure.

Imagine yourself driving this beauty in a regulated speed as cool winds gushes your face as you focused on driving, the feel of confidence and adrenalin rush comes in making you feel great that soon as you go back at home and looks forward working with your co-workers at office the next day fresh and rejuvenated.

Dune buggies have indeed gone a long way from its recreational use to its therapeutic effects. It has diversified into several types from its simple design, evolving into various shapes and sizes worthy enough to hurdle even the though mountain terrain. A quick browse over the web best illustrates the functionality and best features of this hot rod.

Even the most ordinary Joe can own a piece of this machine, you don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars as proven by the worldwide ownership of dune buggies, as seen from the developed deserts of the Sahara to the dunes of Arizona, enthusiastic buggy owners themselves epitomizes that a little creativity and common sense can make you the next proud owner. Cheap dune buggies in tip top condition can be found for sale by your local buggy association in your area, at the fraction of its original cost. This are guaranteed to be safe as most are made by labor of love by a fellow enthusiasts.

Tom Wilcox, 39 of Dallas, Texas was one lucky buyer of a cheap but sturdy buggy, after watching a dune buggy feature replayed at the sports channel, he decided to go for a test drive and was hooked ever since. “This so far is the best thing that I did, I’m happy that this has done miracles to my married life” he reveals being a new proud owner after buying his buggy at a bargain price of US$2,500 with few minor modifications to make. Brand new dressed up buggies sells up to $11,000 with a sale price of $ 6,000.

This motorsport has a cult following in Oregon, at the Siuslaw National Forest Recreation Area with three main sand dunes in Florence, Winchester Bay and Coos Bay, where you can find various sand buggies enjoyed by families wishing to enjoy the great outdoors.

In the market economy of Dubai, United Emirates, sand buggy cars are regular feature sight of the picturesque landscape of the dunes. Often referred to as “air buggies”, it’s equipped with an open framed chassis, called sandrails, powered by its special tires to navigate desert terrain. Locals and foreign nationals have turned an idyllic spot of the desert into a sporting Mecca, located right behind the ultra modern Al Ain airport, where one can enjoy the thrills of this sports utility vehicle in the safest possible way, thanks to the dedicated Desert Rangers who keeps a watchful eye in maintaining standards for everyone. This scene is reminiscent of the recent music video of the famous rock band Gorillaz showing a buggy surfing the sand dunes. programmatic advertising

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