If you love to do diamond painting zubehör chances are you already have a variety of tools and accessories that make your hobby even more enjoyable. From comfortable, ergonomic applicator pens to extra drills and premium tweezers, there are a wide range of accessories that can be purchased to help you improve your technique and create more beautiful work.

The basic tool that comes with every diamond art kit is the applicator pen, which allows you to pick up and place a single color-coded rhinestone onto your canvas. It’s a bit like an ordinary pencil except that the tip is covered in a sticky gummy material that makes it easy to grip and stick the teeny-weeny beads onto their assigned spots on the canvas. Some pens have tips that can be replaced, but they are not as convenient as the wheel pick-up pens that allow you to roll on multiple drills at one time.

Another great accessory for those who enjoy a long-term craft is a comfy 5d diamond painting holder. These padded holders help to reduce fatigue caused by hours spent holding the thin plastic drill pen in your hand. They are also great for keeping your hands warm and preventing cramping when you’re working on larger projects.

Although the standard applicator pens that come with kits are quite comfortable, they aren’t designed for long-term use. Buying a comfortable, ergonomically-designed pen will not only be more pleasant for your fingers and wrists, it will also help you finish the project faster. There are several different types of these pens on the market, including those that have a wide, comfortable grip and dual-tips for a more precise placement.

You might also want to invest in a set of wax pads that are compatible with your diamond painting pen. These little squares of pink wax aren’t just for dipping your pen’s nib in, they also serve as a storage space for your drilling supplies. They’re handy for those moments when you need to take a break and can’t afford to lose your progress. The wax can also be used as a base for your acrylic paints to avoid them from spilling.

While parchment paper may seem simple, it’s a very useful tool for protecting your work from dust and lint. It’s perfect for laying down over small sections of your work as you complete them and is also handy when prepping paintings to be framed.

Some people like to add a little extra sparkle to their work with glitter glue. It’s a great way to bring extra shimmer and depth to your paintings, and it’s surprisingly quick and easy to use. Just a little dab of it will add just the right finishing touch to your masterpiece.

Most diamond painting kits include a single tray that holds all of the coloured drills while you’re working on the design. However, if you’re working on a larger design or using a lot of different colours, one tray can quickly become full. Adding these organiser trays will help to keep your colours separated and easy to find.

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