Aside from the coordinating paints, pens and tools that come standard in most kits, there are many other diamond painting accessories you can consider purchasing to improve your crafting experience. Whether you are working on an animal diamond painting or a flowers diamond art kit, these additional tools will help to ensure that your work is done properly and that you have everything you need to complete it.

Diamond painting supplies are a little different than the typical craft project, in that they often feature special materials that require care and handling to maintain their adhesiveness. One of the most important accessories for this type of crafting is a storage case. These cases are designed specifically for storing your work, keeping it protected from dust and other environmental contaminants that could cause the diamonds to lose their adhesiveness. You can find these cases online or in stores and many even include a funnel to make it easier to fill them with your diamonds.

Another tool that some diamond artists prefer is a diamond tray. These small plastic containers have tiny grooved lines that create an orderly pattern when you pour the diamonds in. When you shake the tray, the drills will flip over to their adhesive side, making it easy for your pen to pick up and apply them to your canvas. These trays can save you time as well as reduce the frustration of having to constantly turn your diamonds to get them right side up before applying them.

It is also helpful to have a set of extra wax pads on hand when working with diamond paintings. This will allow you to continue working if the pad you use starts to wear down or run out of wax. It is a good idea to keep an extra wax pad in the same color as your diamonds so that you will not have to keep mixing pads when one runs out.

While you are working on a diamond painting, it is essential to have a clean, flat surface to lay out your canvas and all of your supplies. A craft table is ideal for this, as it will offer an angled and height adjustable surface so that you can work comfortably without having to hunch over your work. A light pad is also a useful accessory to have when working on a diamond painting, as it can be used to provide a brighter light than natural sunlight or an overhead lamp.

Finally, it is important to have a stash of extra diamonds on hand at all times. Accidents happen, and it’s not uncommon for a few of the little beads to slip off their adhesive pads and fall on the floor. Having extra diamonds on hand will ensure that you can always finish your masterpiece and display it with pride. You can order extra diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round and square, as well as AB diamonds that give off an iridescent rainbow effect similar to the Aurora Borealis. diamond painting zubehör

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