When it comes to fire protection, choosing the best portable fire pump can make all the difference. These pumps are specially designed to help firefighters fight fires in wilderness and remote areas where water trucks can’t easily access the scene. They are also often used on farms to help with other work where pressurised water is needed such as spraying weeds or washing down machinery.

Fire fighting pumps have a larger inlet valve (like a garden hose) than normal pumping pumps to allow more water to be drawn in quickly. They are then pumped under high pressure to the discharge point delivering a large amount of water very fast (like a fire hydrant). The flow is calculated in conjunction with the maximum head which is the height that the water can be pumped to.

There are many types of fire pump available from a variety of manufacturers with options to choose based on fuel type, electric or recoil start and roll frame style. The electric start pumps will run off a battery and can be connected to your vehicle battery for power. The recoil start pumps will require you to manually pull on a handle/cable to start the pump when required.

CET offers a series of portable fire pumps that are ideal for wildland firefighting. They have a 3-gallon fuel tank and deliver a maximum flow of 75 gpm at 190 psi. They are easy to transport and mount on a truck or specialized attack vehicle. Van Meter has a similar fire pump called the Fire Truck 1.0 which features a 2-gallon tank with a Kubota diesel engine and a Waterous fire pump that delivers a maximum flow of 126 gpm at 85 psi. best portable fire pump

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