Choosing a carpet or rug can be simple; however the choices available can make it seem horribly complicated. My mother for example just took over a year to choose a new one, and as extreme as that may seem, it is not really. Many people take almost forever. Here are three things to consider in choosing a new one that hopefully will ease the process.

How much traffic will the rug have. For example, in a commercial area, for example my office building, a commercial type rug that is designed for heavy wear and tear is appropriate. That may also be appropriate in some residential areas as well. As an example, the main stairway, if covered by a carpet runner, will receive far more traffic than will most dining rooms.

The ability to hide dirt is another major consideration. I used to have a lovely white living room carpet one placed I lived. It was beautiful although obviously it would show any stains or dirt very prominently. This same carpet would make no sense in a mud room or front foyer, and makes sense no where in my house now that I have three little kids running around making messes faster than they can be picked up!

Of course the color and pattern are a third consideration, and often the one that people spend the most time on. It needs to be something you like, and also needs to match your other d├ęcor as well. I like have some color or colors that match some of the other colors in the house to bring the entire look together, but others have different opinions. vintage persian rugs

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