A custom gaming pc offers more customization options than a pre-built system. It also allows you to future-proof your machine by choosing components that are compatible with upcoming releases and can easily be replaced as you upgrade over time. When choosing the hardware for your new rig, remember to factor in expected performance, internal cooling strategies, and the design aesthetic you want to achieve.

If you’re a serious gamer, you may want to look into custom PC builders that specialize in high-performance systems. These companies often offer more customizable options than a standard desktop, including specialized case layouts and motherboards. You’ll also find options for streamlined cable management and an attractive design that can complement your room.

iBuyPower is an excellent choice for custom gaming PCs, with its easy-to-use builder tool and affordable pricing. Its packages are ideal for gaming and can be upgraded to include more memory and a faster processor. You can also choose from a variety of graphics cards and storage.

Another option is Origin PC, whose Neuron custom gaming PC packs the latest CPUs and GPUs into an aesthetically pleasing tower. Its technicians hand-build each unit and test them to ensure that they meet performance expectations. Its customers can also leverage a 0% APR six-month financing plan.

Puget Systems is one of the least-flashy custom PC builders, but it’s known for its reliable systems. Its workstations are ideal for professional artists, gamers, musicians, engineers, and scientists. Its gaming PCs range from $2,710 to more than $15,000 and can be customized to accommodate a variety of use cases. custom gaming pc

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