Blue Topaz is a gemstone that’s associated with feelings of peace, serenity, and strength. It’s also known for its ability to bring people good fortune in the form of wealth, abundance, and success. It can also help people become more generous, wise, joyful, and enlightened. In addition, it’s known for its ability to heal depression and increase feelings of inner happiness and security.

This gemstone is a powerful cleanser that’s able to rid the body of excess toxins and emotions like anger, jealousy, fear, sadness, and grief. It can help people let go of old grudges and move forward in their lives with a sense of clarity, joy, and purpose. This gemstone is also said to encourage people to live their lives according to their own terms, views, and aspirations rather than living to please others.

It’s a powerful healing stone for the throat chakra, removing all blocks that prevent expressive communication and leaving you with a clear voice that can be heard by everyone around you. This gem can also help you find your creative inspiration and channel soothing energies that will calm your mind, body, and soul. In addition, it’s a useful crystal for anyone suffering from a sore throat, headache, or who suffers from jaw clenching when stressed.

Those born in the month of November are associated with this beautiful and affordable gemstone. This is because they’re part of the zodiac sign for Sagittarius and Capricorn, two powerful and unique signs that are both explorers at heart.

In addition, this month’s birthstone is believed to protect against accidents and illness. In fact, ancient legends believed that if you kept a blue topaz in your home, it would protect the house from fire.

If you’re looking for a beautiful blue topaz ring, look for one that is free of any visible inclusions or flaws. You should also avoid placing this gemstone in water or exposing it to sudden temperature changes, heat, or acids. This crystal will slowly lose its color if exposed to any of these factors.

This stunning, high-clarity blue topaz ring features white diamonds and 0.25 ct of blue topaz set in 14kt white gold. It’s the perfect piece to add to your stack and it makes an incredible gift for a loved one or yourself.

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