The best employee communication apps cater to the various ways that employees work and communicate. Some focus on the delivery of the latest company news, some on fostering collaboration and connection, and some on creating community. Choose an app that meets your objectives, keeping in mind that every app has strengths and weaknesses.

Slack is a popular peer-to-peer chat-style messaging app with dedicated channels for teams, projects and topics. Its simple and easy-to-use interface makes it a fast way to share updates, messages and documents, as well as make audio and video calls. Slack also features a people directory and a social media-like activity feed that can be used for broader internal communications. It has a free version as well as plans that range from Pro to Business+ and Enterprise.

RingCentral Video is another all-in-one workplace tool that helps eliminate ineffective work by consolidating the information workers have stored in their notes, tasks, to-do lists and calendars in a single app. It features an integrated voice, video and meeting platform that is available on multiple devices and supports team collaboration with group video calls and screen sharing. It also has a mobile app with built-in chat and audio calling functionality.

Formerly known as Smarp, Haiilo is a powerful intranet solution that offers personalized newsfeeds and analytics to surface content to targeted employee groups. It has a rich content creation suite and can integrate with existing systems. It can even automate workflows with digital forms and help eliminate paper processes. It also has an open API and can be integrated with tools through Zapier, as well as offer security measures like multifactor authentication.

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