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This is When Things Get Complicated

Imagine you’re driving down the road and suddenly another car slams into you. You wake up in a hospital a few days later and have to begin the process of healing in many ways. Conversely, think about leaving a bar and driving down the road only to run into another vehicle. Once the police arrive you’re charged with a DWI and placed under arrest. The other driver is being taken out of their car on a stretcher and you’re being put in the back of a police car to be taken to the station.

What’s the Next Step?

Whether you’re the person in the hospital or the one sitting in the drunk tank at the local jail, you’re going to need the help of a professional. You need some one knows that how to legally help you with your auto accident and the DWI charges that are being filed. The person you need is a lawyer in Nassau who can represent you the right way and make sure your case comes to as positive a result as possible. Having the right lawyer by your side could make all the difference for you.

The Hospitalized Victim

As the person that was run into you might not feel you have any fault in the accident, which might be true, but it’s important that you file a claim that’s going to give you complete coverage of what you’ve experienced and will experience as a result of the accident. The lawyer you choose to represent you will be able to assist you with filing for property damages, pain and suffering, personal injury, medical expenses, loss of wages, and any other benefits you might be able to receive as a result of the accident.

The Impaired Driver

Even though the auto accident is likely to be viewed as your fault and the addition of the DWI charges make things more difficult, you do need to have a lawyer who is going to fight for you. Choose the right legal team in the Nassau area and let them get to work. It might surprise you to learn more about the accident and what caused it as the process takes place. At the very least, having the right lawyer will help bring your case to as close to a positive result as you can expect.

Which Team Should You Choose?

Whether you’re the person in the hospital or the one behind bars, you need to choose the right lawyer to represent you. In both cases, the team at Monteleone & Siegel PLLC can make it easy for you to relax and know you’re in good hands. This legal team will take your case and work hard to bring it to a positive conclusion for you. A positive conclusion could be different for both sides of the case, but you need to make an appointment for a consultation today and let this team get to work for you. best personal injury attorneys

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