Appreciating a man’s contribution to relationships can help sustain those relationships through their ups and downs. The act of expressing appreciation encourages effective communication, creating a space where vulnerability and understanding are encouraged, fostering resilience and a sense of partnership.

When it comes to complimenting men, it is important to be genuine and specific. It is also important to avoid using general compliments that can be a turn-off. When praising a man’s personality, focus on those characteristics that make him unique and admirable. For example, you can compliment him on his kindness or sense of humor. You can also compliment him on his empathy or loyalty.

Men enjoy being praised for their contributions to their families and social groups. They appreciate knowing that they are dependable and essential members of their families. This feel-good compliment will make them smile and may inspire them to continue contributing to their family and social groups in the future.

Some men are uncomfortable expressing their emotions and struggles. This can lead to resentment in the relationship if not addressed. Compliments like “I appreciate how open you are about your feelings” can validate vulnerabilities and encourage authenticity, allowing him to know that you see his character beyond the traditional gender roles that society imposes on him.

A recent study found that individuals who are frequently praised by their partners experience positive outcomes in their relationships. Researchers surveyed couples about their levels of satisfaction with their relationship, their ability to communicate effectively, and the stability of the relationship (as measured by thoughts or discussions of breaking up). Those who reported high levels of expressed and perceived gratitude did not exhibit the typical declines in relationships with these stressors, suggesting that appreciation acts as a buffer against negative outcomes. Appreciating a man’s contribution to relationships

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