Allen head bolts, also known as Hex bolts are an extremely popular type of screw. They are used in a variety of different applications from industrial manufacturing to automotive and even home improvement projects. The main reason for this is that they are able to be tightened and removed using a hex wrench, making them very easy to use.

Socket head caps screws have a cylindrical barrel-shaped head containing a hexagonal socket, which fits the hexagonal drive of an allen wrench or hex key to install them in material and hold it securely. Socket screws are often used with a counterbored hole, which leaves the end of the head flush with the surface of the part being fastened, eliminating protrusions that could catch or damage components.

The small head size of allen bolts enables them to be used in limited space installation areas where other screw types would not fit, and they are also designed to offer superior strength and stability compared to their counterparts. Moreover, the fact that these fasteners are so easy to install and remove, means that fewer of them can be used in order to achieve the same amount of clamping force as other types of fasteners.

These bolts are stocked in many sizes and can be found in both imperial and metric thread specifications. They are available in a range of different materials from standard grade steel through to high tensile and marine grades. You can find out more about the manufacturing process, forming method, head dimensions, torque values and other technical information by clicking on the’more info’ tabs above or visiting our dedicated allen bolt page. allen head bolts

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