Adventures Missouri

Missouri will take you back in history, restore your weary body and have you wishing you were there, until you can return next year.

The locals call it magic dragon once on the water the magic at Lake of the Ozarks will have you under its power. The lake has over 1200 miles of shoreline it is not humanely possible for the average person can hike around this boaters paradise. Boats are available for lease in the area, rent one and enjoy the adventure on the lake.

The Seven Springs Winery is a ten minute drive from the lake and offers up sangria wine tastings and micro brews a great place to capture the beauty of the Ozarks and enjoy a relaxing lunch.

Travel by car the 22 miles of scenic byway and enjoy the Ozark Mountains stop and take a short hike from one of the trail heads you won’t regret spending a little time getting off the beaten path and just taking in the beautiful terrain.

The Missouri River bottom scenic drive is loaded with history about the German Settlers setting up residence here in the 1800’s. Travel along the scenic highway and discover the wines of the region from well established vines that have been bearing fruit for centuries.

Enjoy a hiking adventure through the two nature reserves along the scenic highway and discover rolling prairie loaded with wild flowers and birds.

Travel on the Shaw Reserve scenic highway and discover 85 miles of century old tree stands, Lewis and Clark historic site and ancient Cahokia Mounds thousands of years old. Babler State Park is a great place to see undisturbed old tree stands, wildlife and stay the night if you want to spend it out doors. There are 10 miles of hiking trails in the area and you can wander off and find out exactly what the area looked like hundreds of years ago.

Mammoth Springs scenic byway will help you to see the start of rivers there are many springs here that flow out of the ground, providing water to the plant and wildlife. A short hike here will be rewarded with a unique perspective of Missouri and show the value of water in our world. allstate customer service

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