Yes, you can give them some of their favorite wine, but they might have enough wine already.

These are some of the best wine gifts for winos that you can give. And, you will know for sure that they will love it.

Wine Sealers

A great gift for any wino. Wine sealers. For those days where you don’t finish a bottle of wine. Then they can use their wine sealers to ensure that their wine is sealed for the next time they are using it. You won’t need to worry that they might have this already, because a wine lover can never have enough wine sealers. This can be found everywhere.


Yes, they might have a corkscrew already, but the pulltap double-hinged waiters corkscrew is a high-quality, easy to use a corkscrew. They will never struggle to open their bottles of wine or champagne again. This is a bit more expensive as the wine sealers but will be the perfect gift for winos that are still struggling with the old type of corkscrew.

Specialised wine cooler

There is the normal wine cooler where you are putting the wine in an ice bucket. But this is messy when the ice starts to melt. The specialised wine cooler is the perfect way to keep wine cool, without the ice that can make everything wet. The only problem is that the specialised wine cooler is delicate and can be quite expensive to buy. But, it will make the perfect gift.

Global wine glasses

Winos will already have wine glasses, yes. But they will not have global wine glasses. Or, they might not have a full set of wine glasses any more. This is the thing about wine glasses. It is delicate and can break easily. It is always a great gift to give to wine drinkers. They will always need wine glasses when they are getting friends and family for a get-together.

Wine subscription

This is a fun gift that you can give to your winos. A wine of the month club subscription where they are getting a different type of wine each month. With a wine club subscription, a bottle of wine will be delivered to their doorstep each month. They will never know what type of wine (premium, red wine or otherwise) will be delivered next. And, this is a gift that will continue for a year, if this is a year subscription.

Exterior Wine Glass Pikes

For the person who loves to party outside. The outdoor wine glass pikes. Now, there will not be any accidents anymore where the wine glass is falling over and wine is getting spilled. The perfect gift for winos that are always on the patio or outside, enjoying their wine.

A Traditional Wine guide Reading book

A great gift to make sure that your winos know what type of wine to serve with what food. This is a mistake that many people are making. And, if you are giving a wino this type of gift, then they will know what type of wine will go with what meal. Making sure that everyone at the dinner table will enjoy the food and wine.

Wall-mounted wine rack

Winos will never have enough storage for their wine. With a wall-mounted wine rack, they can store their wines on the wall. Making choosing a wine easier, and it is great for collectors to showcase their wine to their guests. This is something that you can always purchase for wine lovers. They will never have enough wine racks.

Wine Stem Glass Holder

Great for parties, where you want to use your hands to eat or to greet people. This is the problem with wine drinkers. The wine glass is always on the one hand, leaving just one hand to eat and to hold a plate. With the wine stem glass holder, you can hold the glass around your neck. You will have two hands ready for holding your plate and for eating.

Wine cooler bag

A high-quality wine cooler bag for those days when you are going to friends and taking your own wine with you. With a modern cooler bag, you will not be embarrassed to carry your cooler bag with you anymore. Something that you can give to any wino. portland or wine tours

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